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If you’re an Online Entrepreneur, most financial advice (and the money mindsets of others) aren’t optimized for you.

Google, your accountant, financial advisor, rich uncle or your “gut” isn’t going to give you the right financial mindset.

By the time I was 21, I was over $1,000,000 in debt.

If you don’t know me, I’m Scott Oldford.

I’ve been an Entrepreneur since I was kid and had a million-dollar business by the time I was 16.

Today, at age 30, I own a variety of successful businesses, revenue streams and I’ve become a multi-millionaire.

For you - it's wrong.

I grew up in a non-entrepreneurial family and while my family did a great job raising me they lived inside of the “norms” of the 9-5 financial mindset.

On top of this, after being an Entrepreneur for almost all my life, having been up, then down, then up again (and sideways plenty of times), I’ve been able to learn what works for the Entrepreneurial financial mindset. 

The reason I know this is that I lived it.

And it’s completely different than anything you’ve ever seen.

BECOME A FOUNDER One Time Only: $1,997

I’m excited to see you inside of this new experience with me and the incredible growth you’ll see in your life.

W H O  A M  I  T O  S H A R E
T H I S  W I T H   Y O U?

I’ve helped a lot of Entrepreneurs online scale.

I’m talking 1000’s.

People come to me when they want to get clarity and focus and a strategy that will actually work. Not just for the business, but for their life.

Because it’s not just about revenue and profit. It’s about enjoying the business and your life as well.

My mentorship and what I teach is embodied not in a one-size-fits-all, rather, an integrative approach of frameworks, methods and modalities that shape are who you are and your strengths and gifts.

Outside of being an Entrepreneur and Mentor, I’m an advisor and investor in a variety of companies in all niches that are related to the expansion of consciousness.


And, I’ve got a truth for you…

What society tells you about money… and finance…

Why is that? 

See, Entrepreneurs live in the exponential, not the linear.

Most finance advice and the traditional mindset of financial “guru’s” are based on...

  • The fact that your income is linear (such as a 9-5 job)... 

  • Scarcity that there won’t be enough…

  • Fear that you’ll lose it all…

  • Or for people who aren’t an Entrepreneur and can’t enjoy the benefits of being one...

There are three things needed for building wealth and understanding finances as an Entrepreneur…


FIRST. You need to understand the mindset of money in a way that you’ve likely never experienced inside of your entire life.

Your money mindset is setup on a set of beliefs that have been passed down by society and and your family and likely doesn’t align with your goals or what you want for your life. 



I never thought I’d ever be teaching anyone finance… In 2014, I was $1M in debt… 

However, as I’ve learnt, the lessons that are the tough one’s are generally those the most potent to teach others, so they don’t have to go through it themselves.

SECOND. It comes down to understanding how finance actually works in the world of evolution and exponential that Entrepreneurs know well.

THIRD. A set of tactics, habits and guidelines that may make you feel uncomfortable, that ensure that you set yourself up for being able to not just make money as an Entrepreneur, rather, giving you the ability to build wealth.

I was on a plane… and as I was pondering about all of what I’ve learnt on finance…

From my mentors…
From accountants…
Financial advisors…
Wealthy friends…
My own trial and error…

BECOME A FOUNDER One Time Only: $1,997

And I thought there’s no way I can’t teach what I’ve learnt.
I’ve spent 100’s of thousands learning what I’ve discovered…
plus a whole lot more in mistakes I’ve made…

And the truth is… understanding this stuff no matter if you’re flat out broke OR you’re making a few million a year is critical. 

Further… you can’t get what I want to share with you anywhere…

Thus, I want to invite you to an exclusive experience to upgrade your Entrepreneurial Financial IQ. 

Then I thought back… and realized that if I had what I knew now, I would have been so much further ahead.


I thought about how I might be able to help you…

A book? Well, that would take too long to write and get into the world (maybe later?) 

A 5-day workshop? Great, however, listening to finance stuff for 4 hours a day… not fun. 

An in-person workshop or Mastermind? Only those who are making a bunch of money could attend, I want this to be for everyone. 

A video series? You don’t need to see me on camera for me to help you with this stuff… I’m not giving you graphs and all that stuff… 

Instead, I decided to create an entirely new experience, designed specifically for Entrepreneurs who don’t like to dream about numbers in their sleep…

For 60 days, I will drop you audio lessons and what I believe is important for you.

BECOME A FOUNDER One Time Only: $1,997

Each of these will focus on the areas of financial evolution needed for both building success and wealth.

Instead of listening to long seminars… presentations… simply go on a little walk with me each day as I share the 60 most important things you MUST know to increase your Entrepreneurial Financial IQ.

Think of it like a daily conversation about finance… allowing you to evolve without having to sit down and spend 100 hours figuring it out ensuring you can implement it in the future.

On top of this, you’ll get lifetime access to these audios… AND access to some special LIVE Q&A’s with me…

Truth is… I’m NOT a finance-guy…

I really don’t ENJOY talking about finances…
I don’t like crunching numbers…

What I love is BEING an Entrepreneur…
Creating… Building… Helping others…

And for most of my time, it’s revolved around scaling, mindset, marketing and sales…

However, I know that I have a responsibility to help you.

Because, what’s the point of making money, if you utilize it incorrectly?
What’s the point of me teaching you about marketing and sales and mindset, if you don’t use the benefits of building your business?

So, what’s the cost Scott?

BECOME A FOUNDER One Time Only: $1,997

Truth is… I want this available to everyone and anyone, no matter where they are in the world.

Get it now for $197...

60 Days of Audios and Messages From Me

Here's what's included:

You get 2 full LIVE Q&A sessions so you get your questions answered throughout.

You get full lifetime access to the content along with transcripts. 


And, if you get inside and don’t like it, you have 60 days to get a refund


So what types of things are you going to learn inside? 

How to use the excess cash flow that you have inside of your business to the greatest advantage of your business. 

The habits that are most effective for Entrepreneurs to master in order to be able 

When you should spend money, invest money or save money based on where you are in your business. 

How and when you should make large purchases... such as your dream car, your house, a massive hire. 

How to hedge on the upcoming massive levels of inflation and how to use this as an advantage as an Entrepreneur 

How to use external investments as an Entrepreneur who has a business that has exponential potential. 

A series of mindset shifts that have helped me create massive progress and returns that are completely against traditional "advice".

How to manage the costs of your business, increase margins, invest in 3, 6, 12, 24 months increments. 

How to plan advertising and marketing budgets, how to most effectively pay yourself.

How to use credit, debt and savings, when you double-down and when to take it and run.

Plus, a lot more.

Simply put. If you're looking for a massive upgrade to how you use money, see money and invest in the future of you and your business.

This is what you've been looking for.