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Before I get ahead of myself... 

I’m not going to tell you to launch a membership…

Or a new big program…

Or really anything else.

All I want to do is teach you how to plan, launch and then turn evergreen a low ticket product that will make your current business grow.

No miracles.

Just an effective way to bring in great clients and customers.



Decrease Ad Spend, Refunds & Bad Launches

Increase Sales, Lifetime Value, Evergreen Sales, Lead-to-Client Ratio & Fun...

If you...

Are an online business owner, coach, mentor, author, course creator or service provider…


You regularly make $10K+/month (or launch)


Have an audience of over 1,000 ideal customers (email list, social media)


You would consider yourself someone who can truly help others get results.

First… I want to make sure this is relevant for you…

What I’m about to share 
makes a lot of sense to you.

(and if not… you can still read it… heck even buy it… but know, in honest truth it won’t be as effective for you…

Here’s what matters… 

In 2019, I started helping a few of my clients use “low ticket” workshops to get results online. They wanted to try it, I guided them on what I knew after scaling bunches of businesses.

I’m Scott, if you don’t know me, I’ve been an Entrepreneur since I was a kid, I’ve helped 100’s of companies scale past 7-figures and I help Entrepreneurs like you build a successful and scalable business that brings harmony into their life.

In 2020, I tried it myself. It worked extremely well.  

From my first live workshop in May 2020. (This excludes PayPal and Wire Transfers for this time period)

Since then, I’ve built and used these low ticket workshops and programs to continue to find my perfect customers, increase lifetime value, decrease advertising costs all while putting amazing value-first content out to my ideal customers.

In 2021, I continued to help my higher-end customers implement this, it kept working, over and over. Later, I took 25 Entrepreneurs and implemented this.

The results have been outstanding. 

If you’re scaling or growing your business online you likely have several common issues…

Your advertising costs are going out of control OR it’s just not as easy to get more and more traffic.

BECOME A FOUNDER One Time Only: $1,997

Your profit margins are shrinking as the days go by due to sale commissions, ad costs, and all the other numerous “scale” costs.

It’s becoming harder and harder to find the “perfect” fit clients that you feel connected with and that you know you can get results for.

You are having a hard time being able to scale because marketing and sales continue to be a pain (are the right people in the funnel?)

You don’t want to wait 90 days to get a return on your funnel being out there in the world

You have a hard time translating why people should buy from you versus someone else (even though you know you can help them)

You know that people aren’t just going to “buy” off the “street” and they need to be nurtured and see why you’re one of the best.

You want something that is truly value-first to attract people but you just don’t know what actually makes sense

Sound a little bit like you?

That’s why, I created a workshop, specifically designed for someone like you…


Increase the number of clients into their higher level programs…

Decrease their advertising costs (while being able to spend more $)..

Increase their sale conversation close ratios (some clients have converted 100% of those who applied)...

Have a way to turn strangers into those who want to buy your programs…

Eliminate sale calls and sale teams (almost ALL of those I’ve mentored have eliminated calls and reduced commissions for sale teams)

Increase their flow of high quality, perfect-fit clients

Created an evergreen (always-on) way to generate sales, income and scale advertising budgets.

Along with a bunch of other pretty cool benefits of using workshops and low ticket products.

Want to increase those who buy your high-end masterminds, core programs or even 1-on-1’s.

Someone who wants to… 

Simply put: I’ve built and used these low ticket workshops and programs to continue to find my perfect customers, increase lifetime value, decrease advertising costs all while putting amazing value-first content out to my ideal customers.

Here’s what you need to know... 

If this sounds like it might make sense… I’m going to keep it short because you’re likely busy building your business already...


This is a 3-hour Workshop. Inside, I’m going to share with you everything you need to plan, organize and strategize how to build this inside of your own business. 


In the 3 hours, I’m going to save you hours, upon hours having helped run over 100 of these workshops. 


This works ONLY if you already have clients, a business model, etc. I can’t help a business that doesn’t already have some level of momentum with this model (or at least $ to invest in growth).

This strategy works better, the more audience you have, or the more monthly revenue you’re generating…

I’ve helped someone with an audience of 1,200 make $120K using this strategy…

And someone with a $250K ad budget create 8.5X ROAS in 14 days…

Interested? Good.

Here’s what else you should know…

Don’t sign up unless you’re ready to implement this. It will change your 2022.
This is worth 100x what I’m charging, if you don’t think so, I’ll refund you.

I have a small high-value, medium priced intensive for a select few after this workshop, which is going to be perfect for those who want to measure once, cut once (and crush it)


Here are just a few people who I’ve helped crush it with this model…

(mostly those who I could convince to share on camera, lol.)

Want more?

Take a look at just some of them on my other programs

3-Hour Training Session with Scott
No fluff. No extra content you don't need. Everything you do need. 

OK. Ready for it?  Here's what's included:

Q&A Session
Ask me anything with live mentorship and hot seat style answers.

$1M+ Launch Debrief
Behind the scenes from one of my past launches in over-the-shoulder style.

Some really cool extra bonuses to help you implement (content from my higher level program)


Oh… and cost? $197, that’s it.
Don’t like it? I’ll refund it.

W H O  A M  I  T O  S H A R E
T H I S  W I T H   Y O U?

I’ve helped a lot of Entrepreneurs online scale.

I’m talking 1000’s.

People come to me when they want to get clarity and focus and a strategy that will actually work. Not just for the business, but for their life.

Because it’s not just about revenue and profit. It’s about enjoying the business and your life as well.

My mentorship and what I teach is embodied not in a one-size-fits-all, rather, an integrative approach of frameworks, methods and modalities that shape are who you are and your strengths and gifts.

Outside of being an Entrepreneur and Mentor, I’m an advisor and investor in a variety of companies in all niches that are related to the expansion of consciousness.