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Hey, my name is 
Scott Oldford.

I started my first business at 7 years old...

Had my first $1M year at 16…

And… like all good rise and fall stories ended up $1 million in debt by 21.

How I went from this mess to growing dozens of highly profitable multi-7-figure businesses...

Is my mission to share with Entrepreneurs around the world, so they can create the life, income and impact they’ve always wanted.

Along the way, I discovered 21 principles Entrepreneurs can use to scale their businesses with alignment and harmony…



After nearly 20 years of entrepreneurship, I’ve been there and done that… I’ve scaled over a dozen business past 7-figures. I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs do the same. I’ve been featured on TIME, Entrepreneur, Inc., Forbes, Business Insider, MSNBC, etc. which has allowed me to reach millions of entrepreneurs to help grow their businesses.


Here’s a peek at what you’ll find inside:

How to use effective lead generation, marketing and the ability to “skip the pitch”... including Omnipresence strategies that have helped build massive audiences and influencer-status. Paid. Organic. Partnerships. I’m covering everything.

How to build a 4-tiered business model that allows for super powerful launches while building an evergreen business that generates profit daily and weekly giving you best of both worlds.

How human consciousness directly impacts every pillar of your business and how to use this as a massive unfair advantage for gaining new customers, keeping them and increasing lifetime value.

Why there is a Harmony “triangle” inside of our business that will stop you from scaling if you don’t keep it aligned, no matter what strategies and tactics you try.  

What I’ve learned about Entrepreneurial finance and why the way most entrepreneurs have been taught about how to manage money, investments and cash flow is completely wrong. 

The core mindset blocks and obstacles that make it so Entrepreneurs aren’t able to grow at the speed they wish and how I’ve seen Entrepreneurs scale past these obstacles with ease and flow. 

The right, wrong and terrible way to run operations and team along with the delivery and launching of your programs, masterminds, courses, services or whatever else you’re selling to help others and grow your business

Plus a LOT more for scaling your business no matter which big "growth" hurdle you're facing...

Which you can find in this 10,000+ word digital guide, completely free to you.

I could easily charge $100+ for as valuable a resource as this (plenty of thinner, generic ebooks sell for much more after all)...

But I would rather get it in the hands of as many business owners as I can and provide as much value as possible upfront.

If you’re an expert, author, course creator, coach, mentor or service provider making between $10-500k/mo, you are exactly who I made this for...

And I guarantee you’ll find at least 3 things that you can use today that will open you to possibilities for freedom and profit you’ve never considered until now.

The 21 Laws Of Scaling A Profitable Business

Lessons Learned From $1M In Debt To Multi-7-Figures Per Year

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